A "small" sample group has been selected to test the new character length (not this writer!). The test group will include those who tweet in certain languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Twitter claim that this will give users more freedom to express themselves but the move has already caused some backlash with many saying that this strays too far from its core design. 

@Adweek asked a handful of marketing agencies to get their take and the response was less than positive. Marketers are concerned that longer tweets may make it more difficult for content to appear in feeds and searches meaning less exposure for brands. 

But with more characters, does this help brands clearly list legal terms and conditions in tweets (such as disclosures by brand influencers)? Perhaps so. 

Time will tell whether this move is embraced by brands and agencies alike. 

Either way, @Newsweek has a valid point - DON'T TELL TRUMP!