Cryptoassets, including cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Fan Tokens, are booming. 

While the US and UK regulators have been slow to get to grips with advertising for these exciting but complex and potentially risky investments, they are quickly getting up to speed. 

As the UK and US regulators are quickly asserting themselves in this space, the stakes are high, not only for crypto-trading platforms, but for any brand wanting to cash in on the crypto gold rush.

Webinar on UK and US developments

Our international panel of lawyers representing the UK and US will guide you through the latest legal developments in promoting different types of crypto, from fan tokens to NFTs to cryptocurrency.

Looking at real world examples of cases involving soccer teams to pizza chains, we’ll delve into cryptoasset promotions, and consider what you need to know and what’s on the horizon in this quickly evolving sector.

Our panel includes leading advertising and marketing experts, Geraint Lloyd-Taylor (Lewis Silkin, UK), Louis DiLorenzo (Davis+Gilbert, USA), and financial services expert Wendy Saunders (Lewis Silkin, UK). Both Davis+Gilbert LLP and Lewis Silkin LLP are part of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance, an international network of specialist advertising lawyers.

Where can I watch?

You can watch the webinar in the comfort of your own home, or on your commute, or wherever you like frankly. It's available here.